The payment is made in several stages during which we and our partners shall be constantly in communication with you (by mail or by phone).

A first quotation will be submitted to you as soon as possible after your first request.
You will be able to correct it according to your preferences. Indeed, many options can be added to your catamaran charter as a fishing rod or a kayak.

Further to an agreement we shall send you by e-mail your invoice with the rental agreement to fill.

The payment is made in two steps:

– a first deposit of 50% of the value of your charter will make your reservation official. This deposit is usually made when you return your filled rental agreement.

– the second deposit of 50% of the value of your charter made one month before the date of departure.

A pledge between 3500€ and 4500€ (according to the model of the boat) is required on the day of your departure.