We shall speak first of the subject which will eventually be the least appreciated: the housework on board.

This is left with the common sense of each.

The cleaning of the common areas and the deck are guaranteed by the crew but your cooperation is always welcome, in particular regarding your goods (towels, sunglasses, cell phones, creams, cigarettes…).

There are places suited in the cockpit to store objects in complete safety, even during the navigation.

Let’s speak about more pleasant things, as your welfare.

Take a shower before or after the breakfast, lie in a sun top to read and listen to your favorite music at the same time.

Organize dives, try to spot the most welcoming places.

The more the sand will be white and the water will be clear, the better it is.

Have a romantic dinner thanks to the intimacy of your boat; go on the beach to have a lobster barbecue or go in a restaurant giving directly onto the beach to take advantage of a magnificent sunset.

In brief, there is no limit to have the best of the stay on one of our boats.