The life on board is synonymic of freedom and, consequently, the rules of life in community apply.
The principle “Don’t do to others what you would not like to be done to you” works very well on board.

When you come out of the water a quick shower is recommended, so that the cockpit and the deck does not attract the humidity (the salt is hygroscopic).

It’s recommended to lie on a towel when you are on the deck.

Avoid sitting down on sofas in the salon with a wet swimsuit and do not leave the staircase wet, somebody could slide and injure himself seriously.

If the boat is crewed be never afraid of asking them what you want, they will be glad to answer you, because they are used by the region and the life on board.

Use the water moderately; the tanks have a limit of capacity which you should not overestimate.
Having a shower on board must be faster than a shower at home.

In a general way we ask you to respect the boat, she has to stay clean and intact.
The maintenance of a fleet is very expensive and finding respectful customers is always very estimated.